ESB WIP: Ord Mantell's ESB Build

Ord Mantell

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this has been on the to-do list for 2 years.... replace the Sidewinder EE3 stock compressed wood with a solid wood replica and put in the missing chunk near the rear. I'm using the Fieldmarshall wood stock, which ironically was made from the real Webley I used to own.

This pic is of the sidewinder replica stock:
stock revised paint.jpg

The solid wood stock after following @ConvergenceProps 's tutorial on how to do the damage:


The solid wood stock is quite a nice improvement and finally completes this blaster:


Screenshot 2023-03-18 at 2.44.06 PM.png
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Ord Mantell

BFB Hero
The @Minute photogrammetry gauntlets are on their way! Looking forward to this last major change to my ESB build. Here is a comparison of the left top shell with the Fettpride I already completed near the start of this build. The new flamethrower in the works will make this Fettpride flamethrower look like a giant turd.