Vintage Photo Discussion


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Hi everyone,

I wanted to create a thread where we can discuss the vintage photos. Feel free to post up a few photos at a time for everyone to dissect. Point out what you see and ask questions if you have them!

First up... I had never seen this photo until today. I pulled it from Boba Fett Fan Club's website along with this caption:

"Boba Fett makes a rare appearance for the UK fans at the Marvel Film & Fantasy Convention. London, Oct 1980. The Empire Strikes Back." Photo and caption courtesy of Alex Howard."


Which is very similar to this photo from Terry Cooper of Fett at a Palitoys promotional event in the Channel Islands.


Obviously, we see the PP1 "Ears" helmet and the ESB right gauntlet with ESB gloves. The EE3 blaster appears to look like a painted casting - notice the lack of the chunk taken out on the top of what should be the wooden stalk. The flash tube on the end of the blaster also looks very plain - unlike the MPP flash present in the ESB Hero EE-3 blaster.

This also looks like the touring costume seen at the exhibition held at Selfridges London in promotion for the release of The Empire Strikes Back.

View attachment PP1-Selfridges-London-ESB-Tour-12by8.jpg

What else do you notice about Fett in these photos?

- Steven
Alright, here is another oldie but goodie... this looks to me like the PP2 jetpack being worked on, but how about that pack to the right with the chunk missing? Is that the stunt jetpack that ended up being used in RotJ and the SE RotJ scenes?

My gut tells me this shop is in the UK, but if it’s a finished PP2 back being used to make an RotJ Stunt pack it should have been done at ILM in San Rafael.

@RafalFett what can you tell us about this photo? I know I’m throwing crazy ideas out there...


That is the Pre-Pro #1/Pre-Pro #3 jetpack and not Pre-Pro #2:
PP1 to ROTJ Jetpack.png

(Note that the back door was modified and the connector housing was added to the back).

Here is the sister image:

For ROTJ there were at least 3 stunt jetpacks (2 with the gash and 1 rubber):
ROTJ Stunt JP 01.jpg

ROTJ Stunt JP 02.jpg

ROTJ Stunt JP 03.jpg