"The Unofficial History of the Boba Fett’s Costumes" Book

Finally some good news from the Romanian Postal Service:
Summary report:
Tracking number: UMxxxxxxxxxUS
Shipping country: United States of America
Date of arrival in the country: 31.01.2022
Status: Processing

From the end of December to the end of January the package was most likely lost in the Bermuda triangle or in a Galaxy far, far away. Fingers crossed for a fast shipping...
For the couple folks whose books have been MIA in Compton, I emailed you and will be sending you replacements. Please get back to me with the info I requested as soon as you can. Thanks!
Finally! Just picked it up this morning from the postal office:

Thanks, Steven!
I wanted the Chronicles book from the first time I saw photos scanned in the TDH Gallery (+10 years). There is a cheaper, smaller version of the OT Archives book, but I definitely recommend the one I have: it's big, it's heavy and it's awesome!
The Archives book is massive. I have a hard time finding a place for it. Doesn't fit on any of my bookshelves. Is currently on my mantel above the fireplace lol...
The biggest book in my collection is the Limited Version of the blueprints book. It's firmly in the 'too big to read' class. The Limited versions of sculpting and dressing a galaxy are thicker than the standard versions. There's more to those two offerings than the gimmicks that come in the presentation covers. Sadly, they're long sold out and now hideously expensive. Steven's book deserves to be in this company. It's a fantastic offering.
Within the past couple of weeks, David Mandel (owner of the PP2 helmet and jetpack, tv and movie writer) emailed me asking for some copies of the book. I was very excited to hear from him and happily sent him some copies.

I found out through one of his listeners that he was kind enough to give me a shout out for the book on the most recent episode of his prop collecting podcast. Pretty cool!!

Starts around 2:50
Amazing. Now get some access to mould that bucket. :ROFLMAO:

Really, that's great news.

BTW, where can someone buy the book and how much is it?