"The Unofficial History of the Boba Fett’s Costumes" Book

All of this is SPLENDID! And yes, this book has a VERY special place in my collection. The new (old) photos shown are definitely reason enough to have a copy, but the subject matter was handled with care and love, which our guy deserves.

Never picked up a copy of Chronicles...always been on my list.

That said...while it's not the easiest thing to pick a FAVORITE...it's much easier to pick a LEAST favorite.

For me, my least favorite Star Wars book is....

The Book of Boba Fett.

(had to. forgive me lol)
I’ve got about 10 copies of the hardcover and 10 copies of the softcover. I also have imperfect copies I will sell for a large discount if you’re okay with scratched covers.