The True ESB Chest Sequence.


Commissioned Painter
Hello all once again,
My previous kit seemed to be revolutionary to many and I am grateful everyone is excited over it. Despite the accuracy in that kit, I have created a newer product, one that contains all RS components, newer sequence, and something I believe cannot be beat. I am confident in this newer level of accuracy and I hope to elaborate well as to why this would be the true ESB sequence.

First thing first, my last kit had wiring that was accurate as for words and numbers displayed. The problem with my last kit was that the IC or Integrated Circuit used was a modern program to simulate timing and what would have been. With the help of others, we have confidently narrowed down parts using Ord Mantell's RS catalog in the correct era for ESB. That being said, here is the kit and what it has to offer.

On the front side of the board, we have four IC's that include the 7400, 7442, 7447, and 7490. The 7400 is a Two Input Nand Gate, the 7442 is BCD to Decimal Decoder, the 7447 is a BCD to Seven Segment DIsplay, and the 7490 is a counter that counts from 0-9.

The 7400 has two capacitors and resistors on the other side that create pulse or "Clock." If you took an LED to the 7400, it would flash on and off. That pulse is the white wire that goes to the clock of the counter that counts 0-9. Everytime the clock sends a pulse to the counter, it switches numbers. The Green, Blue, Pink, and Yellow wire that are connected to the bottom left go to the 7447 and 7442 which counts in binary allowing a display to occur. In the picture below, the four digits are the four wires being blue, green, yellow, and pink and imagine "1" being high output and "0" being low output. By combining 1's and 0's, you get the displays to display numbers 0-9.

Don't worry, it gets better lol. When wired, it did not count 0-9, but instead counted 0-1-4-5-2-3-6-7-8-9. This is crucial as I thought this was a Binary issue, but instead fell right into my hands. If you look at the number "1" in the picture above, it has two segments lit. That is unique as it is the only number with 2 segments lit. The number "0" is the only number with one segment off and so forth. When you take the 7447 and rewire pins 9-15 to the 7 segment display, you can change the display number "1" and make it something different.

As seen above, segments B and C are lit, but rewired you get that display in ESB.


Segment G is off in the number 0, rewired that becomes 9 found in ESB since one segment is off.


Number 7 consists of 3 segments and rewired that displays this sequence found in ESB.

Now remember when I stated that the counter did not count 0-9, but instead 0-1-4-5-2-3-6-7-8-9? Now when I convert this, I present to you the ESB sequence.


If you take this sequence and compare it to any reference, it will align, I promise. There are cases where it gets stuck on a loop of four as the IC's glitch, a simple reset fixes it and that is found in Under the Helmet on Disney +. The IC's also glitch and turn off very fast and kinda resets, that is found during the chamber freeze. One explanation as to why the chest sequence gets stuck on 88888 was because of the oscillator glitching when you short it to ground, however it is not ideal as for what happened during ESB. I found out if you run the electronics until it drops to around 3.3v, it will freeze up specifically on 88888 so that being said, I truly believe the batteries started to die and it froze on 88888. This has been tested and confirmed.

As for the bar graph sequence, it is simply another counter that counts 0-9. 2 are not wired which causes the "off" to appear and 3 pins are shorted and overlap hence why it repeats in a weird way. Numbers 8 and 9 in the sequence are wired to individual pins which only count once during 88888 and dUEP. I am tired, so I do not know if that makes sense, it was probably very bland.

The 5th character is indeed somewhat hidden during ESB, but through extensive research and eye burning stares, electrically it began to make sense of what I could perceive on film. If I see a slight blur, I would conclude that could be a possible display, yet electrically on the back as to wires connected to pins, it was very simplistic the way it was done leading to a very confident 5th character that is somewhat hidden, but no longer a question.

I hope to not come off egotistical as I encourage you guys to ask me questions, but I put in a ton of work to make this a standard and to replicate not only what we see, but the true function of the circuit. As I said, all the components, the wiring, the displays, every connection, and stupid glitches was taken into account when creating this kit leading me to say this with confidence that this will become the standard for what is displayed on screen. I am open for criticism and discussions relevant to concerns and I will provide detailed explanations to bring clarity.

Anyways, thank you to MinuteFett, Jurassic Fett, Ord Mantell, Holden Baker, and Dustin Westaby for helping me bring this to life. Holden was crazy enough to lead me with his passion to figure it out and Dustin Westaby is responsible for finding the parts that was confirmed through Ord Mantell. MinuteFett and Jurassic Fett are both my number one supports and I forever appreciate it. Kits will be available soon, once I finish my current commissions for armor and helmet paint jobs, but when those are done, I hope to produce many.
Take it all in folks. one single chest led takes several dozen hours to wire/assemble, this is truly a labor of love and is nothing short of incredible.

I was able to hold a prototype LED in person and marveled at just how intricate this project can be. A round of applause to all those who were involved, together we are moving the fett community forward.