tennantlim's PP2 Sling gun


For the longest time, I was convinced I was destined to admire others' builds of this elusive, beautiful prop due to the scarcity of genuine parts. Then one day, a random sale thread of a Kaiser stabiliser popped up on my Facebook feed and I could not believe my luck. That acquisition literally sparked off a series of other acquistions over the following months;

Kaiser Stabiliser (black trigger)

Rotring Sec o Mat

Copitar 30 x 30mm hand telescope

Housing and front sight by @RafalFett

PP2 Sling Gun references.png

I consulted with Dom (Fett4Real) and Jeremy (JB Dubz) on several details to get this build to a relatively acceptable standard.

And here it is!

20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0386.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0387.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0408.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0402.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0415.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0403.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0396.jpg
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0405.jpg

However despite my best efforts, I managed to get one thing wrong; the Sec o Mat arrow. Instead of flushing it with the main housing, mine sits atop of it.
20201019_PP2 Sling Gun0395.jpg

Somehow I had overlooked this glaring error and it wasn't until the build was about 90% painted and weathered before I realized it. I'm just going to have to live with it now.

Feel free to drop questions and suggestions in the comments!
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