SWC 5/26 Thursday Night Dinner Meet Up


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Thank You Steven for putting the Dinner Meet Up together! It was great to put some names and faces together!
Hopefully the opportunity will come again to see everyone at another meet up!


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I'm happy that all of you had a blast seeing each other and spending some time together. It's also nice to put faces to some of the names/usernames.

One of my fringe goals in life is to meet you in person and buy you a beer.

Quoting didn’t work so great on that one lol
I would love to meet you all and chat for hours.
If this ever happens, I want my wife stuck in the room with us! She knows nothing about Star Wars, calls my spending hours prepping, painting, weathering, etc, simply "Boba Fett'ing" and checks out 30 seconds into every story I try to tell her about some mundane Fett suit or version variant. Would be a dream come true :)