Superjedi's Viva Fett SE for J. D.

The right cheek is finished. I'll move to the left side next.

Red! Now things are looking a lot more like Boba Fett. This stage really ties all the colors together.

20240128_123935.jpg 20240128_123911.jpg
Finished with the center section of the red band. I really like all the little shapes in this area. I'll move to the left side next.

The left section of the red band is finished, including the white thumbprints. I'll work on the right side next.

I did the right side of the red band. This finishes everything behind the ears and now I can start working on the front!

Here's the area around the left corner of the visor. It includes that crazy SE crack repair!
I'll start working my way across the "brow" above the visor next.

A brief electronic interlude before working on the right mandible.
I built up the RF assembly including the JC27 light kit. Light test... good!

Back to mandible madness!
I finished the upper portion of the right mandible. Lots of great detail in this area!

The right mandible is done! This pretty much takes care of all the basic painting on the helmet. Just a handful of weathering steps remain. But before that, I'll work on the ears.

I did the black arch on the RF ear cap. Once this is dry, I can mask and airbrush the white marking. I'll also do the white arch on the left ear at the same time.

Number 72 is complete!
The weathering went pretty quick and I got everything finished up earlier this afternoon.
To recap, this was a Viva Fett "raw" kit with the following additions: Machinecraft ultimate metal ears (and Borden piece), a Terminalfettler RF topper, a JC27 light kit, a real MQ-1 circuit board, and a real Polaroid SX-70 viewfinder. Badass!
Here are the final pics. As always, thanks for following along with the build!

20240218_164612.jpg 20240218_164700.jpg

20240218_164802.jpg 20240218_164854.jpg

20240218_164946.jpg 20240218_165123.jpg

20240218_165212.jpg 20240218_165306.jpg