Sufficient Differences in ESB vs ROTJ Armor Paint colors


As the main title says, I am trying to parse the primary colors of ESB vs ROTJ. Namely I am concerned about the Primary Green and accent yellow. I looked up Stormtrooperguy's rattle can colors used from TDH, Problem: base is for ROTJ. Was hoping some of you could help guide my search into ESB primary armor green (darker damage green I think I have figured out). Any of you have recommended rattle cans or closer greens for ESB? or the yellow? Thanks in advance.
So what I would do is use rustoleum hunt club green as my base layer and for the yellow damage for it to be accurate that part needs to be hand painted on and I ended up using archive x sp armor yellow. But with the hunt club green it will give you a fairly close main green but the shade won’t be perfect. Hope this helps