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Hey all !

Maybe a silly question,
But since I have unfortunately no hairs on my head, I'm not really an expert in doing hairstyles 😀
I own woodman synthetic braids and they are very awesome but quite straight.
I would like to get that curly and worn look of the original esb braids and have no idea how to do it...

I hope some one can help me cause I just have experience with a beard comb 🙃
I sometimes use a generic brush, but also, I use hairspray on mine all the time.... usually before each troop to help em hold the shape I want. I also used braiding wax on some of them....
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For example....I wanted the 2 "tails" on this gray ROTJ. Used hairspray to kinda keep in shape, otherwise they kinda jumble together. You can kinda shape them by hand into the desired "pose" least it seems to work for me...😉


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