Star Wars Celebration 2022


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The new official dates for Star Wars Celebration 2022 have been announced!

It will now be May 26-29. So, the big two questions are... who will be going and are who will be sticking around for some Disneyland days immediately following Celebration?

My family plans on doing all four days of Celebration and probably four days of Disneyland.

Would love to meet up with everyone!

- Steven



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Hey Steven, we're going to be there also for the entire time. I hope to meet you! I'll be bringing my ROTJ Fett and either a Jango or Mandalorian season 2 costume, it de[ends on what I can get finished up in time! Will you bringing a costume?
We'll be checking out Disneyland too, I've never been.
Of course, I've got to get a picture standing in front of the Millennium Falcon!!


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Would love to meet you too bro. I'll be in my ESB Fett. I'm hoping to have my wife in a Bespin Leia and the kids in some mando costumes. Not sure which ones we are going to make for them quite yet. Maybe a Fett. Depends on what they want to do haha.