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Hello all,
Having just received one of Sidewinders beautiful kits I thought I'd write about it here. Sindewinder, many of whom know from The Dented Helmet and who is not yet here on the time of this writing anyway - is a highly reputable guy who makes pretty damn good quality EE-3, both for ESB and ROTJ Fetts! For me, this all started on October 31st 2021. This was my 2nd appearance as the ROTJ Boba Fett for my community's event called "The Happiest Halloween". My initial EE-3 was a 3D print from AprilStormProps, which was a decent budget print. I've looked at and was even considering getting in on one of Field Marshall's EE-3's - after the wife said "No- Way!" to that price tag she said "is there anything that is half that price?" To which I said, well, now that you mention it....Hahaha!

Before the event started - a girl who was dressed up as "Rey" accidentally knocked over my EE-3 and the barrel snapped off. Rey was so, so sorry for what she did and seemed to be even more upset about it than I was. I told her NOT TO WORRY ABOUT IT! It seemed to be repairable, but sadly - I had to go the night without it. :(

Early December of 2021 my wife gave me the go ahead to order one of Sidewinders EE-3's as a Christmas gift to myself! I spoke with Sidewinder and requested for him to finish the kit and install lenses at either end of the scope.

Well today was the day it arrived and I couldn't have been happier with my purchase.
EE-3 Unboxing.jpg

And here it is unassembled...
EE-3 - Disassembled.jpg

And fully assembled...
EE-3 - Assembled - Pic 1.jpg

EE-3 - Assembled - Pic 2.jpg

And I didn't get a pic of the lenses here, but here is Sidewinder's pics to me with them on my EE-3...
Sidewinder - Iron's EE3 with Lenses.JPG

His craftsmanship is nothing short of amazing! For those interested in the lenses, he used on my EE-3 two Round Glass Cabochon 20mm Lenses with this kit.

Again, I'm so very happy about my purchase and will be a great addition to my ROTJ Fett!

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