Season 2 Mandalorian Armor


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So, I've started on the armor pieces for the Season 2 Mandalorian.
So far I've got most of the pieces finished except the gauntlets and the left thigh piece.
I took the pics outside with the sun almost down. All of the pieces are the same color, they just look different due to the light angles,
especially with the shoulder pieces!
Let me know what you guys think....


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Thanks! The finish was made with Gloss Black paint, 2K Gloss Clear, Graphite Powder, and a few coats of 2K Gloss Clear again!
Very time consuming!


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You use 5 micron powder, apply with a cotton ball or something similar, rub it into the surface and just seal it to get the shiny surface and
protect it. It's the first time I've done the application, it's really pretty easy when you get to that stage!
So, here's a YouTube link to a time lapse video of a guy applying Graphite and sealing it to a Mando helmet. He uses a different clear, I used 2K clear. The site won't let a pasted YouTube link work so, here's the title that you can find to watch it...

3D Printed Mandalorian Helmet - Graphite Powder and Clear Coat Finish (Timelapse)​