ROTJ Armor Dents Discovery


BFB Hero
So today while I was painting I made an accidental discovery about the ROTJ chest plates. When you look at the original chest dents on the left chest plate the have some weird ripples in the dent. This always intrigued me about what it could be from. While I was painting some chest armor today I realized that I forgot to add some dents in my abdomen piece so I figured I’d just heat the area up and do the dents and the repaint it. when I heated the area the paint started to boil and I added the dents, to my surprise the dent damage then looked exactly like the dents on the ROTJ chest plate. So I wanted to test this theory and go back to my chest plate and add that texture by boiling the paint, and what do you know it came out looking exactly like the real thing. So my conclusion is they painted this chest armor and forgot to add the 2 dents there so they went back in and added the dents after it was painted which boiled the paint and gave them that effect on the chest. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. 46BB21FC-1425-4964-8B2E-C2A939F82A47.jpeg6B14DA21-5575-40EB-9621-30365833BB3A.jpegA731F0C6-064D-493C-BEDF-0C54233C7252.jpeg26A1CCCF-20B1-40D6-A553-FC78C032E09D.jpeg