Revell Visible V8 Engine Model EE3 Parts for ESB and ROTJ


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Visible V8 Revell Renwal etc.jpg

This is the vintage version of this model. I also own one of the newer kits. For part #92 you need a vintage version.

It's a lovely model in its own right, however; the parts you are looking for for your Boba build are:

#65 Connecting Rod for the ESB EE3. this part sits above the, as yet, unkown breech disc.
#92 Cover, Starting Gear Case. This part is only available on the earlier versions of the model, as pictured, or the Renwal version. It is not in the newer kit.

#107 Vibration Damper Pulley, Front Half and #43 Timing Gear, Camshaft Front have both previously been suggested as possible for the ESB breech disc but research has indicated it to be neither of these parts. It's a pretty non descript disc, so it could be anything; we may never know!