RafalFett Strikes Back... with the 4th Shin Tool!


IMPORTANT 15-05-2012
After I bought the Panorama 25X30mm Hand Telescope (posted at #26 - quick jump ==> RafalFett Strikes Back... with the 4th Shin Tool! - Post #26 - this will send you to TDH) I realized that this (or similar) was not used as the 4th shin tool, but at least we have some good measurements of the tool and the telescope(s).

After I reinvented the wheel, and I'm talking about the Letraset font, which was a known fact but was never posted (read more here ==> Letraset Dry Transfer Font: Folio Bold Condensed) I thought to try my luck again. All this started after I was staring on the Supertrooper images...

We know that the 4th shin tool, as represented in the Star Wars Visual Dictionary, is not the real shin tool, more exactly 2 from the 4 shin tools are not real, but reimagined tools (the jetpack adjustment tool and the sonic beam weapon). There was a rumor (stated by Wes and posted by Art here ==> 4th Shin Tool (Jetpack Adjustment Tool) Almost Found - this will send you to TDH) that the 4th shin tools is part of a Shure microphone, more exactly the microphone's casing. Although this direction had a promising start, it leaded to a dead end because of the endless possibilities.

In the past (in September 2011) I did some research based on the Supertrooper dressing sheet, where at the shin tools they mentioned the scalpel holder, which might be a knife handle or a cylindrical container to store the scalpel knifes. I said to myself that this might be a good research for the part of the any-security blade or for the jetpack adjustment tool, but the results were poor and I dropped the search on these.

At the beginning of this year (2012) I did some measurements of the real shin tool (from the Supertrooper, the Pre-Pro #1 and Pre-Pro #2 images) and I got this image:

The outer diameter of the casing is 30mm and the inner is 20mm. Initially I did the tube's length to 90 mm, but then I increased it to 130mm (with approximation) due to the different positions of the tool in the images mentioned earlier.

We know that the Supertrooper, the Pre-Pro and the Promo suits had the Sling Gun made from a Kaiser camera grip, a Tasco telescope, 2 turnings, a button and the rest was scratch built. The Tasco 15 x 30mm telescope is a found item (identified by Rogue Studios ?) and is a good match for the Pre-Pro #2 and the Promo sling guns, but BGHunter (Jinto or James) found another telescope made in Japan which is a better candidate for the Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 sling gun (James' thread is here ==> BGHunter's New Found Part). Thanks to James' images, I had a good measurement of the telescope, and after I compared it to WOF's sling gun and shin tools templates, and also with Seven's shin tools templates, I got these measurements:
1621441286436.png 1621441297764.png 1621441305970.png 1621441313679.png 1621441322102.png

And here are some images of the shin tools:
1621441339916.png 1621441349901.png 1621441359204.png 1621441373137.png

Altough the lenght seems to change from image to image, I'm 100% shure that this part (the telescope casing) was used as the 4th shin tool.

The funny thing is that this was so obvious, but nobody noticed it (including me)... Until now!

(I hope that those whose images I used it won't be a problem. If there is a problem with one or more images, just let me know and I will delete it from this thread)

Update 18-04-2012
Today I did more search on the internet for a Tasco or any similar telescope and I was lucky! I found a Tasco catalogue that shows the telescope similar to the Pre-Pro#2 sling gun barrel:

And this is the same Tasco Hand Telescope 15x30mm (found on e-bay):
1621441397967.png 1621441407659.png 1621441414922.png

I also found two more similar telescopes (in the 30mm range) and strangely all these telescopes (including the Tasco and the King telescopes) are made in Japan.

This is the Orbit Hand Telescope 15x30mm:

And this one is the Panorama Hand Telescope 30x30mm:

This is a comparison image between the Tasco and the King telescopes and also with the Pre-Pro sling guns:
1621441501260.png 1621441509603.png 1621441517922.png

Update 19-04-2012
Yesterday I found another telescope which is a good candidate and has the accurate ring between the black plastic pieces, but the main problem is that this telescope is shorter in length than the King or the Tasco:
1621441545961.png 1621441551620.png

The telescope is a Panorama Hand Telescope 25x30mm and this image is a quick comparison between the Tasco and King telescopes:

I think a longer version would be a great find.

Update 26-04-2012
Made some modifications and a new comparison image of the telescopes as the best candidates for the Pre-Pro sling gun barrel and 4th shin tool:

Another good find was this telescope:
1621441608457.png 1621441616307.png

It's a Carl Wetzlar "SCOUT" Hand Telescope 30X30mm.


Looking at the Pre-Pro #2 images I noticed that the 4th shin tool has both ends visible, but the major difference is the casing's thickness. While the measurements I posted with the 30mm outer with a 20mm inner diameter is correct, the other end looks like a 30mm outer and 23mm inner diameter. The difference is not big but is visible with the naked eye. The Supertrooper and Pre-Pro #3 images shows the second measurement while the Pre-Pro #1 shows the first one with that red button-like addition (I will explore this a bit later). As I mentioned earlier, the Pre-Pro #2 shows both ends.

I did a rough template of the shin tool and in lack of reference images I did the inner part segmented:

Continue on the next post.


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Then I took some images and I did a comparison of my template with the 4th shin tool of the Pre-Pro suits and the result is this:
View attachment 5632 View attachment 5633 View attachment 5634 View attachment 5635 1621441797258.png 1621441803462.png

In this thread ==> Jet Pack Adjustment Knob (this will send you to TDH) MandaloreFett shows his Graflex tube which is the same tube used on the Supertrooper automatic blaster:

On another thread ==> 4th Shin Tool (Jetpack Adjustment Tool) Almost Found (this link was already posted in the beginning of this thread) we can read:
Art Andrews said:
As a side note, in some photos, there appears to be something red, almost like the button on a Graflex in the center. I have set a graflex button in my mic and it just doesn't quite look right, so I am not sure that is what it is... but the red piece only appears to show up in some photos.
The red button's diameter is different on some Graflex versions; the version used on Luke's ANH and ESB lightsabers is smaller than the one used on the Supertrooper automatic blaster:

Using images made to the proper scale we got this:

While I can't say for sure if this part was used, but it looks close to me.

Update 11-02-2013
The info presented below is to eliminate some of the believes that were floating around for some time at TDH and to shed some light on them.

I did some digging regarding the possibility that the 4th shin tool's origin being a scalpel holder (or container) and found some great images of a WW2 era metal container:
1621441915606.png 1621441922967.png 1621441930933.png

Although the outer diameter and the length is pretty much correct, the only real problem is the 1mm casing thickness and probably the fact that these were rare, museum pieces.

My guess on this is that the scalpel handle was in fact a hobby knife and it was used on the so called Anti-Security Blade (as many suggested in the past), and I say this with much confidence, because the Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 suit was a one of a kind suit and suffered some changes from the Supertrooper to Pre-Pro #1 transformation and also some Pre-Pro #1 improvements through its short time. One of these improvements was the replacement of the Supertrooper/Early Pre-Pro #1 Anti-Security Blade to a second version Anti-Security Blade, the one that was used on the rest of the suits (except the ROTJ Hero, which uses the original, painted knife):

The first (original) version is much longer and the hobby knife handles are shorter with 5-6mm than its Mitchells 'brothers'. The Pre-Pro #1 v.1 Blade is visible only in the suit assembly image and is painted white, a heritage of the Supertrooper suit:
1621441949469.png 1621441982412.png

Later we see the same knife painted in ROTJ:

The second version already has the well known setup:
1621442014577.png 1621442022265.png

The other hunch was that they used a microphone's handle (or casing) for the 4th shin tool, so I did some searching for microphones with a 30mm diameter handle and my luck was that I found some in that range.

This is the Neumann SM69 microphone:
1621442046370.png 1621442075941.png

And here is (are) the Telefunken SM2 or Neumann SM2 microphone(s) (the same setup under 2 brands):
1621442161353.png 1621442168784.png

As with the scalpel container, in this case too the thickness (around 1mm) is not the correct one, so the hunt goes on.


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Posted on May 15, 2012.

I didn't posted here for some time mainly because I have bought for 10USD a hand telescope from etsy.com, more exactly this one (here is the link for the telescope ==> Panorama Telescope On ETSY):
1621442425944.png 1621442435576.png

It's a beautiful piece in excellent condition but without instructions or other papers. The only written thing is on the bottom of the box in German - opa hätte das gerne nach gebrauch wieder 'opa' - which I translated to this - grandpa would like to use it again 'grandpa' -:

I bought this mainly because I wanted to see similarities/differences with the 4th shin tool and also with the Supertrooper/Pre-Pro/Promo sling guns. Altough this is not compatible with the 4th shin tool (only if we can find a telescope with the correct thickness) because the casing's thickness is only 1mm and the outer diameter is 32mm (this is not a big issue) it is a good candidate for the sling gun barrel, for both Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 and Pre-Pro #2/Promo suits:
1621442479050.png 1621442489736.png

1621442498759.png 1621442507525.png

I did a parts breakdown file and a basic measurements file of the telescope as a guide for those who would like to use this for whatever reason:
1621442528480.png 1621442535149.png

The casing, the ring and the inner tubes are metal and the rest is plastic:
1621442552715.png 1621442566282.png 1621442576311.png 1621442584941.png 1621442594194.png

The hunt continues...