History Prop Store Auction Lot # 796: STAR WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980) - Pair of Boba Fett Continuity Contact Sheets


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If you haven't checked this out yet, you should! Lots of great photos here.

Two contact sheets of Boba Fett from the production of Irvin Kershner's Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) produced contact sheets to help maintain continuity with the bounty hunter's elaborate body armor.

Each of these sheets features 30 hand-numbered black-and-white stills of Boba Fett designer Joe Johnston dressing VFX artist Bruce Nicholson in Fett's costume, several of which have never been published. The sheets are also hand-numbered "SWER50037 - SWER50072" and "SWER50073 - SWER50108," respectively. Both exhibit warping, creased corners, and liquid stains from production. Dimensions (each): 11" x 14" (28 cm x 35.75 cm)



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I wish they could just compile everything Fett related that’s in the archives and have a place where everything could be accessed by members in the community! But most of all I wish they wouldn’t have repurposed the dang ESB suit.. there were so many other pieces they could have repurposed 😫