My ESB and ROTJ Boba Fett builds

miggs fett

hello there,

Hope everyone is well, I've been working on my ROTJ Fett lately. Originally, I had done it more or less my own style.
As time passed, I changed my mind and now wanted a closer screen accurate ROTJ Fett with the intention of submitting for basic
approval by 501st! So here it isin mannequin form lol...


First off, I repainted the helmet, jetpack, gauntlets, knee and shoulder armor. Chest plates and cod armor was done
by lilacfett from IG. I noticed that the shoulder armor are not really orange at all, but rather a dull gold and the knees the same but
with a bit more orange tint to them. So I used bauhaus gold krylon, along with terracotta and brown spray paint. My girth belt was also too bright, so dulled it down with acrylic wash of dark grey, dark brown and wine red mix! I still need better wookie braids, so that will be upgraded at some point by woodman. The damage on the helmet can be a bit more accurate but it'll do for now, I think this can pass for basic level. Once I take proper submission photos I will upload them here! Here is the main photo I used for reference...