Metal ears fitting help

Hi everyone,

I’m at the point of fixing a set of metal ears to my helmet (all MinuteFett) and I’m having a bit of trouble with the upper right hand side ear.

Two screws go in the red areas to connect the faceplate, and in the top and bottom of the inner ear (blue areas) to attach the upper ear to the helmet.


The problem is, if I use the two red screws to attach the faceplate first, then I can’t get to the blue screws to attach the hole thing to the helmet.

If I do the two blue screws first to attach to the helmet, I can’t access the red screws to attach the faceplate.

Just wondering how anyone else has tackled this?


Attach nylon screw to the top, attach brass screw to the bottom.

Insert stalk, and secure with brass screw.

Then attach the screws through the red holes from behind.

Then using the nylon and brass screw, attach to the helmet.