MDF PP2 Helmet Paint Up


Commissioned Painter
Hello everyone! I’m excited to finally get to start working on my favorite Boba helmet! This helmet is being painted on my MDF, I added the damage to it about a week ago. I’m doing the PP2 as it originally appeared so it won’t have as much damage as it has in the more recent photos you may have seen of it.
I just finished painting the misting on the back panels before I but the green on. Due to limited photos of the back panels I just had to do my best with the misting but I think I got it pretty close. 8D3BD847-6B89-4A50-B589-3136DAC5C9B3.jpeg80EDA172-F8BE-402E-B3E0-EB10D63713F1.jpeg127294E7-6949-4C5A-9F57-EC97B15C0738.jpeg99A18B98-E6AF-4A1D-9FD3-7407C416044C.jpegFC16DBF3-FA33-4EA3-B3F5-98AACC8E2A16.jpegB00C3094-E4DA-4A2A-841E-FDE5240DB2D8.jpeg5B421762-5D45-40A2-9D42-B2E9942A4203.jpeg5DCC5380-24E5-428F-91C5-5FEE6FE735A9.jpeg9135E687-D08F-4B4D-8EE2-F55A7EFDCA37.jpeg410B5A4F-F440-45CA-9E1A-79691A1BF764.jpegE65E1E80-24D6-4C29-9A18-91CCE595B6BE.jpeg


Commissioned Painter
Moving right a long with this, I have done a lot since I last posted. Pretty much just need to do the mandibles and weathering now. There are a few areas that could’ve turned out a little better as far as damage placement but overall I am happy with this so far.38A1521A-ADB4-44FF-B419-19408FBB544D.jpegA23F6351-A212-4C4C-A720-F43A49757553.jpeg6658B924-21DE-4BBB-966D-08E1FF0374CB.jpeg45B69B79-66B7-4F24-99D0-584725C56723.jpegA92441C0-2C59-4100-9089-F2C9978859C0.jpeg45D7CACE-0B1D-4128-87F9-EA655186E57B.jpeg926DB776-9004-4CA3-948E-E0388AAFE420.jpeg2B377490-CE1D-4871-8241-FAC21D1D1D21.jpeg52270811-20D3-4E06-A41D-4167B5CD4444.jpeg39AE5766-441E-4822-B6DE-6ECE27B7EA27.jpegCE15611D-EA8A-477A-95E5-F7A709CCDEB2.jpeg3545886B-E634-4F2A-8B9B-D2E456E01CA9.jpeg


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