RotJ SE Lilac Fett's ROTJ-SE Boba Fett

Lilac Fett

Helmet: Photoshoot: Reyes Creative Solutions (made and painted by)
App Photos: ToEleven (TDH)
Chest Armor, kidney and cod plates: Wasted Fett
Shoulder, Knees and Knee Darts, collar studs, boot spikes: Quest Design Canada
Neck Seal, Flak Vest, Boot Spats, Hip Pouches, Flightsuit: Arkady Designs
Gauntlets: Cal Peirce (Far Away Creations)
Gauntlet Darts, Stylus Brush Handle for shin tools: Machine Craft Replicas
Ammo Belt: Handmade Horror Shop (Etsy)
Gloves, boots, Jetpack (App photos): Mandofwar Studios
Jetpack accessories: Full Metal Fett (TDH)
Cape and working scalps: Woodman (TDH)
Chesf display: Fettronics
Girth belt, harness, and shin tools are all found parts modified for use of this kit. All armor painting and weathering done by me
EE-3: Scratch built by me


Staff member
Wow! Those are great photos and a nice costume. Love the one on the dune with the Scout Trooper helmet in the sand.