KaanE's BoBF "Daimyo" Boba Fett


Touring Fett
Hi there!

"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe"

This will be my building log on my way to try to do one of the most accurate BoBF's Boba Fett costumes.

As far as we know, a few items are found parts (not as many as with an OT Boba costume), so here is the list from info posted on TDH and FB:

  • Merrell Colpack Ice+ 8" Black (Used on publicity, Disney parks and also on set)
  • Under Armour Infil Ops GTX Black (Used on set)
  • (Other boots are used but not ID'ed)
  • Vance VL471 Convertible Zip Off Deerskin (Black Outer Glove)
  • Patrol-X ultra thin brown leather glove (Brown inner glove) - Not confirmed

So far, the most accurate replica helmet is the Red Bow Props one. Files made by RBP hilmself with the colaboration of Jackson Rupert, who also finished a small run of the more premium helmets made by RBP. He's making them with both options, kit helmet with finished working rangefinder lights (330$ - 315€) or kit version with non working lights (270$ - 255€). He also makes a small full finished batch from time to time. I've bought a kit helmet with working LEDs I hope to receive early january.

Redman is also making his own helmet, with the base files of GAS (Great Ape Studios) but so far not a single helmet has been delivered or shown. Kits are 325$ (310€) and finished kits are 750$ (710€).

The most accurate jetpack ever made for this costume is the one made by JJ Industries. All the found parts are within the kit, MCR (MachineCraft Replicas) supplies all the metal parts and he has secured enough Fidlock Blocks for his kits. That's a win-win for sure. Raw kits are 999£ (1160€ - 1225$) and finished kits are 1499£ (1740€ - 1840$). Sad I wasn't able to get one on time (I was also broke at the time), but pretty sure I'll get one in the future.

So far, I have not seen any accurate armour. I might have to make my own...

I'll keep posting updates as soon as I get new items, new discoveries on new progress!
I have 3d printed every piece, I have the merrel boots , custom hoses, flightsuit (the pants need to be redone), vest, custom made hoses. I canceled my preorder for the jj pack and red bows helmet. I also have the belt holster and gators being made by Deborah de mio on fb. Idk if I'm looking to sell everything but I might be because I really want to redo my ESB instead.
It seems pretty obvious the helmet has a diferent main green than the armour. The left ear may be the same one. The helmet green looks more vibrant toned down with weathering.

About the sprinkled texture from the commonly shared picture, I believe it is not right. I have not seen such texture on any other picture but it seems really hard to get some closeup ones for this costume.

Next time I'll talk about the boots used on screen. I believe two models have been identified, while there is a third which is still unknown. I have only seen the Merrell one being worn by Temuera.