Jaig_Eye_Hunter’s ROTJ SE

Hey all!
Figured I’d show of my build/introduce myself here as I’m trying to get more active in the Fett community again. Like most of you, my build is a constant work in progress. I’m currently pretty happy with it, although I’m working on some new plates that are more accurate and sized better to me from WF as well as trying to upgrade to more accurate synthetic SE braids.
My build started as an amalgamation of old, second hand parts I bought second hand as I was trying to build this on a college budget. Over the years almost everything has been replaced save the boots (old CA boots) and the torso armor, which is about to be replaced. Replacement for many parts has come as a necessity since my armor was partially destroyed when I rolled my car 4 times with the armor in the back.
Most of the paint has been don’t with rattle cans, although the silver on the bucket was done by hand and an airbrush was used for shading and black weathering. Kinda hated using the old Rustoleum colors so I’m trying to create an alternative Montana rattle can list to share with the community.



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