gasguzzlers ESB WIP


Hello Guys,

i just want to start this Thread because more and more Stuff is comin in these days.

Here is the List of my used Parts:

Helmet Scratchbuild
Visor Bobamaker
Borden Scratchbuild
Rangefinder Terminal Fettler
Rangefinderstalk Full Metal Fett
MQ1 Cirquitboard Bobamaker
Armor Scratchbuild
Knee Darts Quest Design Canada
Chest Display ???
Gauntlets RKD / MonCal PropShop
Metal Darts Quest Design Canada
Eveready Light 3D Print Shapeways
Keypad Bobamaker
Metal Rocket Machine Craft Replica
Metal Flamethrower ???
Dental File Found Part
Flightsuit w. Neckseal Loanstar
Flak Vest Loanstar
Pouches Loanstar
Cape Woodman
Wookiebraids Woodman
Ammobelt Delta13Mike
Girthbelt Mohair Girthbelt Scratchbuild
US Diver Buckle Full Metal Fett
Gloves Dents Gloves Scratchbuild
Boots Wasted Fett
Toe Spikes Machine Craft Replica
Nemrod Holster Bobamaker
Pulce Sidear Bobamaker
EE3 Blaster Airmarshall
Scope Nikko 4x20
Unimax 3D Print Shapeways
Hirschmann ???
V8 Greeblis Airmarshall
Scopemount Airmarshall
MPP Flashtube Roman Props
Molex Connectors original
Shin Tools Patterson Foundparts + Machine Craft Replica Scratchbuild

I will start with my Gloves, finished them today after a rework.

And the woodman cape.
I used the Rafalfett Template printed on sketch paper


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Ord Mantell

Those gloves are nice! Those completely from scratch or from a vendor?

btw, did the webley arrive yet? Any trouble?


Thank you!
I made the gloves on a set of Dent gloves.
The padding and sewing was done by myself.
Still waiting for the Webley.
But MonCal shipped the Gauntlets two weeks earlier and the parcel arrived this monday.


Thank you very much.
I used a 5 mm padding Material and a Nylon Cotton Textil. It is shiny on the outside and dull on the inside. I was in a big drapery here in Cologne with a lot of reference Shots of the Flakvest. First i wanted to do the Flakvest also by myself, but then i decided that Loanstar should do it with my flightsuit. The ladies in the Shop were very helpfull.
Even if they had a good laugh about me.
More Updates comin soon.


I was reading the crl the other Day.
I have a request to the cape.
CRL Status no weathering to the cape.
That makes bo sense to me in fact that the rest of the fett is grimy and dirty.
The top of the cape is not that dirty as the bottom but no weathering sounds a bit disturbing to me. I would apreciate a option from you guys.


Like the left shoulder scratch. Pretty sure it was made with a real wall and not paintjob damage.