FYI: MOW Boots


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Just a FYI. MOW boots are back for those that need boots.



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For context, I have had this model of boot for at least five years. The original rounded toe version was, I think, under £100, but my memory could be playing me false.

It's worth pointing out that MOW, and anyone who does boot runs from that same factory, has a massive initial outlay and lots of money tied up in hundreds of boxes of boots, which are sat around until they sell. I expect the eventual return is pretty good, but the key word is eventual.

I don't envy anyone who takes this sort of thing on. They really are the only game in town.

Here are mine with real Michell toe spikes.



Hi guys. I was wondering if someone could help me with sizing on these. My Brannock size is a 10 D (although my left foot is really a 9.5 D) and I wear the following size shoes/boots:

- Allen Edmonds 65, 511, 1757 lasts - 10 D
- Alden Truebalance (Indy boots) / Barrie lasts - 9.5 D
- Alden Plaza last - 10 D
- New Balance sneakers 10.5 D

Christian advised a size 11 for me, but I'm always afraid of going too large. I like relatively snug shoes and considering my other sizing I feel like a 10.5 in his boots would work well for me. Especially considering they are just canvas and can stretch. Any thoughts or anyone with any experience of the mentioned shoes/boots that could help?