Floquil Paints - That Vintage Floquil Thing and the Rogue Studios List.


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You can still see the original over at mykindascum, link below, but I said I would move it over, which has now happened. It's the same article, with the exception of a change to the last passage, in order to omit swearing, and to make it in line with the board's swearing policy. Aesthetically, it's a little better in the original format, but it's preferable to have it over here than for people to have to follow a link to another site.

There are lots of people who contributed to this research, and in a variety of ways, but particular thanks goes to Singleseat, Damian Woelfel @DWoelf , Lee Hurley, Shawn Morgan, Ryan Day, Robert Pareso @Major , and, of course, Lee Malone.

You can find the article in posts 58 and 59. It was too big to edit this first post to fit in.

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absolutely outstanding. thanks Andy! Particularly for the insights on RR/R/11.

To make things infinitely more complicated, maybe there was deliberate color mixing going on. I think that happened on the armor colors.

Are there precise date ranges for the different bottle shapes?

I like to add a little GN Big Sky Blue to the R9 for the helmet base primer color.
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With the test swatches made by boba87 with the AX paints someone could make an AX RotJ helmet list, which could be paired to a Floquil paint list.
Right. Gotcha. I thought you were asking me something about Archive X paints.

My post at Mykindascum was about Floquil and the Rogue Studios list - The Lee Malone ESB helmet list. ESB is is my focus, which is why I was exploring those colours. And, let's not forget, I'm simply expanding on a list that Malone gave us many years ago. There's a reason that thread has been viewed over 120000 times over at TDH.

Anyway, clearly what you are asking is what is the ROTJ list in Floquil, and whether this has been researched. The answer is that these colours have been researched, but not by me in any great depth - not my information to share. The people who have done the heavy lifting on that would share the information if they wanted to. I certainly have some general observations about what I have seen used, but it's not my place to publish what the ROTJ Floquil experts have come up with. Like I said, there are guys out there who have forgotten more about this stuff than I will ever know.

Per my post, here is an enormous piece of the puzzle. This is your palette. These are the colours you should be looking at. Even this is something that took a long time to resolve. There's still some wiggle room here, because older colours would still have been lingering around, but this is the late 70s Floquil list. The Boba helmets were painted in the late 70s - Steven's book will give you the exact dates.

1979 full chip car no leaf 1.jpg
1979 full chip car no leaf 3.jpg

The RR list is a scan from the late 70 tri fold that I own a couple of. The military sheet I do not own. By hook or by crook, I have managed to get a sample or some of the actual paint of most of the stuff from the military sheet, but I don't have a copy of this sheet to scan.

Bear in mind that certain colours from the two cards are the same colour. Sometimes they have the same name, and sometimes not, e.g. R82 Concrete and M82 concrete are the same colour and have the same name, whereas R65 signal red and M65 crimson are the same colour but have a different name. I've never actually gone through and counted them all without the duplicates, but I estimate you're probably looking at about 150 colours as the available Floquil colours in the target time window.

So, main dome green. It's a green, and it is in the above list. If it is not in this list, then it isn't the right colour. I do appreciate that you've got all sort of misting going on with the Jedi and PP2 helmets.

There are between 25 and 30 greens on those sheets, but you can discount loads of them straight off the bat, e.g. main helmet green is clearly not R47 Jade Green. I appreciate that is an obvious one, but it won't take long to whittle down to a handful of colours just based on these sheets alone. Sure, after that you're going to have to buy some paint, or acquire some samples, but you're talking about known possibilities. In fairness, that's where the challenge begins, but that was a key point of my entire post; think about it - how often does anyone buy fifteen different printings of the same book?

I have some general observations: I often see CNW Green for the main green of the back panels. This is a nice colour, but as far as I know, this colour was not produced until after the helmet was painted, i.e. it cannot be Chicago & Northwestern green.

Another thing that never makes any sense to me - a lot of people paint the upper cheeks black. They are clearly blue. I never understand that.

Mandible red - how many options are we looking at? It's two or three maximum.

"Vintage Floquil is the trench warfare of found parts" - Singleseat
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Amazing! I don't know where I read it, probably TDH long time ago o Chris (Singleseat) on TMPPC, but it was said the red was the same as the ESB red.