Finally found M17 Field Gray!


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Hey everyone,

I had to make a thread because I am super stoked!

I finally found a vintage Floquil M17 Field Gray! Should be here in a week. Will swatch it out asap.

I am excited about the rest of the lot as well. Lots of vintage Humbrols… maybe even the gauntlet and jetpack green??

Plus the vintage epoxy and other stuff to check out.

More to follow!








Alright so I’ve been working on making this paint useable. Cut some chunks out of the original jar and added them to another jar then added some thinner. have spent quite a bit of time trying to get it usable, but still have hundreds of small grainules that won’t break down. I was able to do a down a dirty swatch with a brush - this is it dry compared to the custom blend AX green on my helmet.




I’m going to try and use a filter needle to draw out the liquid paint while leaving the chunks and grains behind.
I dunno what the formula is, but I've found testors enamel thinner to work fairly well. Humbrol...not so much. Have tried a few others as well, including the one pictured. Again...I have no idea what's in the testors, but worked for me ...just my 2 cents 😉
So I am newbie to this forum. I started my build officially this week. Ive had a bucket done for over 2 years now, but I am finally at a point where I can start the armor. All other stuff is on order. Is there a list of the paint I need? I tried a search and get so many different versions. Is there not a "master list" of the pain that is acceptable to use? Thanks in advance. RW