ESB Helmet: Light green strip under kill stripes?


Hi again! How does everyone tackle the lighter green strip that appears beneath the kill stripes on the ESB helmet?
I'm thinking either:

1) Tape it off before I add "dirt and grime" and then pull the tape to reveal the clean green underneath.
2) Just mask and spray a slightly lighter green.

On the original helmet, is the consensus that the lighter green strip was a masking mistake or a cover-up?

Can't find a great picture of it on short notice, but I'm sure you know what I mean.


Those would be tape pulls where the green paint was pulled up by masking tape revealing the silver paint underneath, which was then hastily covered up with green paint. It lines up precisely where the kill stripes are masked off which and it happens on at least two of the helmets. There are better photos of the ESB helmet but I have this photo from the PP3 helmet handy:

So depending on your painting method I would either liquid mask off those areas or paint them topically with silver, and then lightly mist over them with the main dome green. No need to custom mix any colours.
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Agree with Jfjr. I usually liquid mask that area as close to the pics as I can, then just do a really light pass/mist with the same green
I mixed silver paint and light green paint until I had a color that I was happy with, and applied topically. On my bucket, it looks green from most angles, but when the light hits it, the silver shines through nicely.