ESB Flak Vest Details

Eli Jinn

Sorry if this isn't the place to put this, I don't typically use BFB over TDH.
As pointed out by @RafalFett in this post here, the vest featured in the MoM exhibition is the former ESB Hero vest, which gives us a chance to learn some details about this part of the costume, at least I didn't know these things.
First off, if you didn't already know, the iconic slightly shiny kinda crinkly fabic that the vest is made of is called cotton chintz, sometimes called polished or glazed cotton. This fabric is used for the outside AND inner lining on the ESB vest, as pictured here
What? You don't see it? ENHANCE!

Still pretty bad, whatever. Secondly, the side seam is not double stitched like most of the other vests...

It also looks hand stitched. Finally, I noticed that the back "panel" of the vest is not quilted like the front panel is. That means there's no layer of batting between the outside and the lining.

Notice how flat the back is compared to how fluffy the front is.
Now, I chose to mention these details because I'd like someone to tell Clothears about this. Partly because I don't know where to contact them and mostly because I'm a chicken and I'm scared of them. They got their vests mixed up and put the hand stitched single seam with the ROTJ vest and the double machine stitched seam with the ESB. I don't blame them, since the ROTJ costume has so many versions, it's hard to keep track of all of them. ESB only has one version though, and these details should be replicated in Clothears' version, especially since it was debated over for a while, I've heard. I also believe that the lining was debated, and they settled on the lining being the same fabric as the flightsuit on both versions, which is incorrect at least on the ESB. I don't have a Clothears vest on hand to know if they replicated the lack of batting on the back panel, but pictures of it look good enough to me.
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