ESB Chest emblem colors?


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Hey guys !

I finally get one of minutes wonderful armor sets and it's just amazing!

I'm allready exited to paint it. I'm still doing research for the right colors because it's almost impossible to get floquil paints here in Germany.
I have a bunch of archive x paints but I really can't get an Idee wich ones I have to use for the Chest emblem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for watching,


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I haven't done it with archive x, but maybe some of these will transfer over? Also dunno if it's correct, and not sure which of these archive x has, but on this one I used floquil dark blue for the outside ring, misted with some weathered black here & there. I don't see that archive x makes this one, but maybe thier alliance blue misted with grimey back or weathered black would be good? For white I used floquil reefer white and misted a little bit of lark light grey over that. Archive x has those. For red symbols alot of times I had used DH10 in the past, (archive x has DH caboose) but for this one I wanted a bit more "pop", so I think think I used a random testors red I had laying around and misted weathered black on it . Hope that helps....🙂

I'm guessing somebody around here has done it with all archive x though, and probably has exact color recommendations for you


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A great substitute for Floquil Dark Blue is Vallejo Model Air 71.091 Signal Blue


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Agree on the ArchiveX Reefer White and DH Caboose for two of the three colors. For the blue, I actually got a True Navy paint from the local Walmart. I didn't want to work through trying to mist to get the blue right and that color fit the bill nicely.