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Hello everyone,

I present to you my ESB armor stencils! They're finally "done"!

*TL : DR - Access the print out versions along attachments below, or read and locate the additional Reference versions with full detail.**

This is something that started out as a "just for fun" project making an ESB left chest plate, sitting at my computer at work. After folks had really liked what they saw, I decided to continue and make the rest.

I would like to give a shout out to all those who helped look over my stencils, and offer feedback. @Minute @miggs fett @ConvergenceProps @meager_keeg @Ord Mantell @boba87fett @dean.cfh and jbdubz.

Beta testers, I give credit to @Chili_fett and @Eli Jinn for giving them a try on their armor.

Now, I would like to say from the start, none of this is concrete. Rather a representation of what I see when I'm tracing the damage, or what I think is there (at least some more than others). I hope it can serve people well, and assist folks with their paint job.

Are these perfectly made? No.

Will they be an exact match to your armor, and not require any tinkering? No. These were made to fit Minute Fett's Lineage/Photogrammetry armor.

Do I plan to make isolated damage (silver, grey, yellow, etc) stencils similar to that of Rafal? Unfortunately, no.

Considering the amount of time I have spent on these (well over 300 hours if I would have to estimate), I hope they serve this community well. Hopefully, they get us one step closer to the paint job we all seek to have... without having to constantly refer back to screen captures or photos that are... well, not exactly the best quality. I still highly recommend looking at screen caps and BTS photos of the real costume as you work.

Now, some of you may be wondering how, or why some damage may look vastly different than what we have been more so "conditioned" to believe is there.

What areas would be more along the lines of theory or guess work? This would be the sides of the kidney plate, sides of the cod plate, and the middle of the back plate. Unfortunately these are always covered when on screen, or in reference photos. I used the Pre Production 1, and Pre Production 3 costume, to get an idea of what could have been there. If you are not familiar, the PP1 costume was essentially what the ESB and PP3 costume were based on to a certain degree; each of those were painted very similar in style, and damage placement.

How you may see it may be different than my interpretation, and that's just fine!

...Anyway! I hope you all enjoy! I look forward to seeing what you all can do with these. It took much mental strength for me to continue to finish these after what was a very draining year. However, I had to make sure I took the time to "finish what I started". Heh, get it? No? Okay. 😅 After being a part of the Boba Fett community for almost ten years, I am glad to make a contribution, and give back.

Happy hunting, fellow Fetts!

I'll break down each plate, if necessary to describe what I believe is going on (as to better understand my stencils).

Left Chest and Center Diamond
Nothing necessarily new here, some damage appears to have softer curvature, and not so much "jagged" edges. This plate, along with nearly every plate I believe is heavily weathered with Reefer Grey, and Grimy Black. This would require your base green color to be lighter "army" style green.

ESB LC.jpg
ESB D.jpg

Right Chest

I have been able to figure out that the larger grey spot on the lower wing is in fact not layered damage. Rather, it is airbrushed grey along the side of what appears to be either splotchy black weathering or layered dark grey, giving the illusion of defined edges / layering. The PP3 suit and the PP1 suit have similar features, with noticeable grey airbrushing.

The Darker grey/black splotches that you see are either applied very lightly, or they're layered dark grey that is buried under a hefty amount of grey misting.

Consider it a little "meta" of me, but this is my chest sigil that I designed and sell as stencil vinyl. Feel free to trace this, use masking tape to recreate it, use your own vinyl cutter if you choose. But please, do not replicate and sell this stencil without my consent.

ESB RC.jpg

Ab Plate

Nothing particularly new here, but I have added the black scuffing that was most likely transferred onto the armor from the EE3 stock greeblies. Consider the black scuffing a representation, so give yourself basic artistic freedom with dry brushing your black, but the area itself that the stencil covers is very close.

Another new addition, would be the yellow overspray/smudges along the top, and above the lower dent.

ESB A.jpg


New addition, I went with a light/medium grey layer of damage, rather than the dark grey that was more commonly used in the past. No visible representation of a dark grey could be found. the PP1 costume also used a light/medium grey for this layer. Most photographs seem to show that if there is a grey layer, it does not contrast harshly against the base green color.

ESB Collar.jpg

Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Dinner-BTS-1a (1) (1).jpg

Left Shoulder

Notice the white scuff of paint along the "front facing" side of the shoulder. This is NOT silver, and should be added at the very end of your paint job.

For the silver/grey layer, I have begun to lean toward team @Ord Mantell on this one. I believe the damage we see is silver, weathered over with the Lighter grey. Depending on the angle, the silver can also appear to be "grey".

The mythosaur, also my design. I am a firm believer that the teeth are connected to the skull. I've searched through as many photos of the skull as I could, with evidence that they just barely attach.

ESB LS.jpg

SkullDetail~2 (5).jpg

Right Shoulder

Oh boy, here we go. The Right Shoulder, especially along the middle section and back facing side, has probably been the most edited bit, and has been a bulk of my efforts. To understand what we're seeing there, I studied the PP1 and PP3 right shoulders. Upon examination, It's obvious that there are at least three damage layers present (Silver, Yellow, Dark Grey/Brown). Finding the true color of that third layer is still in progress, as it will be up to some paint tests.

Anyway! The center damage. Sorry, ADHD brain here! The Selfridges London photo of the PP3 shoulder is what really got my attention. There is quite a bit of elaborate layering going on there. Something much more complex than what we've believed to be there in the past. You can see the silver, yellow, and then the darker color chipping/damage along nearly every bit of this shoulder. The fact this is a B&W image really helps give us the contrast we need to see.

6A9209CD-FF0F-4618-B46D-47D70D2067AC (2).jpg

The PP1 also features something that is very similar. Notice the darker damage, it almost appears as if it is dark grey weathered with the color that would make the shoulder appear more orange!

Boba-Fett-Costume-First-Prototype-06 (1) (1).jpg

here is the ESB right shoulder. Perhaps you can too see some of the distinct details that translate from the Pre Pro shoulders.

Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Interrogation-2 (2) (1).jpg
Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Hallway-01 (2).jpg

Without further delay, here is the right shoulder reference stencil!

ESB RS (2).jpg

Left and Right Knee

For these, I relied heavily on the PP1 and PP3 photos to understand it. Damage is based only on what I thought I saw on ESB images. Again, nothing is concrete.

ESB RK.jpg
ESB LK.jpg

Continuation in next post:


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ESB Knees Continued

Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-05 (1) (1).jpg
Boba-Fett-Costume-Empire-Strikes-Back-Executor-12 (2).jpg


Boba-Fett-Costume-First-Prototype-11 (1).jpg


Boba-Fett-Costume-Third-Prototype-02 (2) (1).jpg
Boba-Fett-Costume-Third-Prototype-04 (1).jpg

Cod/Kidney plates

View attachment ESB Cod.jpg
ESB K.jpg

Back Plate

Upper and mid right side, lower left wing, and upper left are based on references. The other sections are loosely based off of the PP1 back plate, so feel free to not include them. However, there is a chance there is similar damage.

View attachment ESB B.jpg

Backplate UTH.jpg


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Fantastic work, these turned out amazing!!
Another new addition, would be the yellow overspray/smudges along the top, and above the lower dent.
This overspray is so interesting to me. If the yellow layer is under the green, do you have any theory about why there are some spots of yellow overspray on top of the green?
I have always wondered about that too. It is my opinion that perhaps there is yellow misting over most of the ab/left chest but is so light that it goes unseen in the photos/film that we have. It doesn't make sense to me that they would load an airbrush to paint just those few small spots that we see clearly, unless they were working on perhaps the knees or shoulders and decided to hit those areas to add some more interesting detail and break up the uniformity a little.