Elstree Precision Co Ltd Gauntlet Laser (Rocket)

Update 10/28/20
Here is the information we will be putting in a sales/pre-order thread soon!

Elstree Precision Co Ltd Continuation Left Gauntlet Laser

In 1978, Elstree Precision Co Ltd located in Borehamwood, UK was tasked with providing several metal components for the costume of a specialized Supertrooper character that later evolved into the bounty hunter character, Boba Fett.

In the fall of 2020, a continuation run of the original Supertrooper/Boba Fett left gauntlet laser production run was initiated by Elstree Precision Co Ltd for the first time in over 42 years.

The project team is composed of several noteworthy individuals with the first being the former owner of Elstree Precision Co Ltd and the maker of the original pieces, Dragomir Dundjerovic. Additionally, other Elstree engineers like Chris Cudby (who also worked on The Empire Strikes Back & Retrun of the Jedi) were utilized for their skill and experience. At the helm of the project was the current owner and Managing Director of Elstree Precision Co Ltd, John Haigh.

The team utilized vintage original drawings, vintage and contemporary photos in order to produce these screen accurate lasers.

Not only are the lasers visibly the most screen accurate pieces available, but the project has remained true to the manufacturing process and materials used. The laser body & tips are made from Aluminium, while the laser cones are made from a special Copper alloy that Dragomir has confirmed would have been used to produce the originals. They are machined using a combination of manual lathes and mills as they would have been in 1978. The hardware supplied will be steel 4BA bolts, which is true to the 1970’s era.

This initial continuation run will be for 40 lasers, which have a target shipping date of late December 2020. The laser will come in a collector presentation box with serial number engraving and a signed certificate of authenticity. The cost is projected at $300 plus shipping and any fees. A sales thread will be started soon for interest and pre-orders.

This is an amazing piece of history and art by itself. Sadly I'm just building a Boba helmet (bust at most) but, yes, it has that feeling of the originals, never seen replicated.