Elstree Precision Co Ltd Gauntlet Laser (Rocket)


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Hi everyone!

John, Dragomir and the fine folks at Elstree Precision Co Ltd have started the next project we are collaborating on - remaking the original metal Boba Fett left gauntlet “laser” (better known as rocket).

Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 12.51.58 PM.png

Dragomir remembers much about how he made them by hand originally over 40 years ago. The prototyping phase is now underway.

We are also hard at work verifying measurements with known resources so that everything will end up perfect.

More to come soon!

- Steven



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Wow. These guys are awesome! I can provide my 3D model if needed.
Thanks Levi! Dragomir actually believes he has everything he needs to get it done the old fashioned way. I’ll let you know if he needs the reference though. Really appreciate the offer!
October 6th:

Update from John today. He says, “The drilling is done on a mill. Like a fancy pillar drill. Set co-ordinates then drill all 36 holes manually.”



“This is a lathe. Drago & Chris calculated the angle and turned the metal with a cutting tool.”


Here are the first several prototypes of the cone. Elstree Precision is making great effort to reproduce exact replicas of the original gauntlet laser (rocket).


Each prototype is compared to photos and measurements taken from real screen used, gauntlet lasers. Then, corrections are made and another prototype made


More work to do!
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It is very tricky to line up the prototype photos against screen caps or exhibit photos of the production pieces, so we are fortunate to have measurements provided to us based on the original lasers.

Making even the smallest adjustments have an effect on so many things. John and his team are taking great care in creating lasers that are as true to the originals as they can possibly get.

As such, Prototype #5 looks fantastic and is very close to the originals! Check out the copper cone.