EE3 rifle stand


I have been looking for a rifle stand for some time to display my EE3 when I am not trooping. I saw a listing on recently and for the price it seemed passable apart from the listing advertising an ESB blaster it had the ROTJ skull on the stand. So I contacted the seller and asked if it was possible to change the skull design ? He said yes, I sent him the image and it was ready within the day . I received the stand today and quickly assembled it ( it just pushes together ) it's 3d printed the quality is ok , I am going to paint the stand and badge but in the meantime here are a few images.IMG_20210205_085925_6.jpgIMG_20210205_091531_9.jpgIMG_20210205_091656_3.jpgIMG_20210205_091558_5.jpgIMG_20210205_092136_3.jpg