Dwoelf ROTJ Hero


BFB Hero
Guess I could start a different thread for my ROTJ hero in the finished section since it's pretty much done for now. (Although I have some upgrades planned down the road)

Here's a bunch of pics from an event this weekend that I planned/organized, and was the driving force for building my ROTJ suit!!! We had a 40th anniversary showing of ROTJ at a local historic theater. In the Am, we in the town parade, and early evening we also trooped the show. Was a pretty good success.

Wanted also to give a shout out to Miggs for recommendations on a new jetpack harness!!! At my age, I simply cannot handle trooping with the movie accurate style metal frame harness anymore. I contacted thejediscloset, and she made me a super nice trooping harness!!! Absolutely, positively would not have been able to do our parade without this new harness!!! Highly recommend!!! 😁


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Outstanding! I love the reverse shot, and hate it as well lol!

Looks like you had fun. Doesn't get better than that!
I have a buddy in The Fellowship that troops with a soft harness. I've offered to let him use mine (yaknow, for accuracy and whatnot), but he likes his too much. Bravo to you!