Dressing a Bounty Hunter in 40 Stages - A Black and White Story


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I always liked the various dressing stages of the Supertrooper and the Pre-Pro #1 suits found in the TDH Gallery (the Promo #1 armor and vest was added in lack of other sources). So I said, it's time to do a silent step by step 'documentation' (because images worth more than 1000 words) with the dressing of the best Bounty Hunter in the whole galaxy: BOBA FETT.

Stage 01.jpg

Stage 02.jpg Stage 03.jpg Stage 04.jpg Stage 05.jpg Stage 06.jpg Stage 07.jpg Stage 08.jpg Stage 09.jpg Stage 10.jpg Stage 11.jpg Stage 12.jpg Stage 13.jpg Stage 14.jpg Stage 15.jpg Stage 16.jpg Stage 17.jpg Stage 18.jpg Stage 19.jpg Stage 20.jpg Stage 21.jpg Stage 22.jpg Stage 23.jpg Stage 24.jpg Stage 25.jpg Stage 26.jpg Stage 27.jpg Stage 28.jpg Stage 29.jpg Stage 30.jpg

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Someone in the "Star Wars Behind the Scenes" facebook group says that it is Howie Hammerman, recording technician on The Empire Strikes Back. I'm looking for other photos to confirm it.