Din Djarin The Mandalorian Costume Found Parts


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Hi everyone,

The Parts of Star Wars has done a great job identifying several of the components used on the Din Djarin costume. This thread will be dedicated to the found parts used on his costume. For more info check out their Facebook page. Please add more and I will update this first post.

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Paint: Imperial Surfaces Alumaluster
Full polished aluminum chrome finish is due to blends of pigments and a resin based system, that in many situations allows you to leave the finish with no topcoat.

Skechers-Blain-Orsen-Boots.jpg Skechers-Blain-Orsen-Boots-2.jpg
The Mandalorian's boots are made from a pair of Blain - Orsen ankle boots by Skechers. The costume department covered these boots with a thinner leather and added thick upper pieces, but these Skechers boots are what's underneath.

The Mandalorian's sidearm is based on the Bergmann No.1 1894 pistol. The prop makers changed the grip and added a new muzzle.
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