Convergence Props: ESB Boba Build - FoundPart heavy

Alrighty I guess this is as good a place to start my build thread here as any, hahaha

Upgrades to my Boba ESB EE-3 Foundparts build. 😎

1.) Added Romans gorgeous new MPP replica and swapped out my Parks tube after drilling the extra 2 holes. Painted and weathered

2.) Finally finished V4 of the new ConvergenceProps: Repositionable Boba Blaster Breech Disks kits, intended for optional Early Filming vs Later Filming configurations. Super happy with how these came out after all the work that went into them.
(These ones are Type “B”)

I might still pick up one of Fieldmarshalls stocks eventually to replace my India made replica, but idk yet. Pretty happy with it atm though.
Obligatory broken off Molex Connector photo from flipping the stupid thing around taking photos (Carbonite Freezing chamber and "Put Captain Solo into the Cargo Hold" config) 😂

Parts list:

Found Parts:
Real 1917 Webley & Scott No1 Mk1 Flare gun
4x AM aerial split plugs
2x vintage Unimax switch halves
4x Molex connectors
1977 Revell Visible V8 Connecting rods
A.S.I 4x20 scope

Replica Parts:
Leather Sling - Designed and made by me
Scope mounts and brackets- Designed and made by me
Breech Disks - Designed and made by me
Flash tube - Roman Props MPP Replica


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