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Hi everyone,

I'm going to be building my wife a Bo-Katan Kryze costume from The Mandalorian Season 2/3.

I'm going to try something different with how I document this compared to my ESB Boba Fett. I am going to include the list of everything and post milestones here, but I will be documenting any specific building or painting in other threads that will be linked. My hope is that it makes it easier to follow.

Started: May 16, 2023
"Phase 1" to 501st Level Target Completion: April 2024
"Phase 2" Target Completion: TBD

Parts list

Lineage Parts
Vintage Found Parts
Unconfirmed Found Parts
From Makers of the Original Costume Parts

Helmet - MinuteFett Bo-Katan (from the files from Marko Makaj, Mysterymakers on Patreon)
Helmet T-Visor - Need
Helmet Rangefinder - Need
Helmet Rangefinder Stalk (Metal) - Need
Helmet Ears - Need
Helmet Padding - Need

Armor - Redman Studios (August 2023)

Jetpack - Redman Studios (August 2023)
Jetpack Harness - Redman Studios (August 2023)
Jetpack Beacon - Machine Craft Replicas

Gauntlets (Rubber) - Redman Studios (August 2023)

Soft Parts
Flight Suit - Magnoli Clothiers
Gloves - Nappaglo Nappa Leather Size Large
Holster - 3dPlanetProps

Westar 35 Blasters (Rubber) - Lonewolf Customs

Boots - Clarks Orinoco Club Brown Snuff 8.5
Boots - Clarks Orinoco Club Braun 9.5
Boot Covers - 3dPlanetProps
Boot Cover Straps - 3dPlanetProps

Optional Accessories
Darksaber Hilt - minutefett
Darksaber w/Blade - Need
MinuteFett was kind enough to send me one of his molds so that my wife and I could cast her helmet and be more involved in the project. The mold was made by MinuteFett from the files from Marko Makaj (Mysterymakers on Patreon) with his permission.


The helmet(s) are going to
be cast in TC-1570 from BJB Materials.


I’ve got one curing now. When I get home from work in a couple of days, I’ll fiberglass it then pull it out to see how it looks! I’m prepared to pull a couple until we get to one we’re happy with. The others will be used for paint testing.
How exciting! Thanks for sharing the parts’ origins and the build progress, too.
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