Hello there! Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve done over the past 4 months with my 3D printed BOBF kit. Currently in the middle of moving back to Florida (thanks Navy) and have the kit in its entirety packed up in my crate, but it’s been quite the ride spending most of my free time developing this suit.

BOBF is my favorite rendition of Fett (please don’t kill me) due to its low profile & mobility. Pays homage to my other favorite version (ROTJ) with all the ESB little details and decals on the helmet. The lack of a codpiece makes it possible for me to actually sit down in the suit and move around comfortably as well!

Details to mind if recreating:
-The armor was attached to the vest with jewelry pins, and there was a foam backing on the inside of the vest to keep the plates secure and from wiggling around when I move.
-Fettronics ROTJ chest display used
-Girth/leather belt & holster made by me using PU leather and black dock rope. I used real cowhide at first but I didn’t like the way it turned out.
-Ab plate holes are drilled out & I placed a dental mirror behind them
-There is no one consistent “green” among the armor. The “base” green is the rustoleum moss green with many layers of black & brown washing & brushing on different shades of green, black, brown, & orange paint mixed in different levels to obtain accurate color differences along the armor.
-The Sarlacc damage is more or less uniform across the armor and helmet. Accomplished this by using rustoleum sand textured spray paint.
-VERY important to note: the armor, ESPECIALLY the helmet must have a “sheen” to it. It’s not totally matte or totally gloss. I wore this suit when I met Dorian Kingi & Carey Jones (Cad Bane/Krrsantan respectively) and they both said that the armor had a slight reflectivity to it & that my helmet has been the best recreation of that effect so far. I accomplished this by covering everything in a couple thin topcoats of clear UV resin.
-The flight suit & boot covers are made by jesterpropscostumes. I modified the vest and undershirt to be more screen accurate by adding straps & the hose sleeve pocket while also installing stirrups where my feet come out of the pants so that they are pulled taut. Also layered the inside of the boot covers with black foam to obtain a more rigid look (not pictured).

I intend to post a full step by step guide on everything I did and how to replicate it below. I have documented everything with photos, measurements, patterns, or videos. The very last picture is also my entire color palette that I used to create this suit. I am selling everything in that picture as well but that’s a different story for another day (pm me 😂)


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