BFB 2 Year Anniversary! (Launched 10/06/20)


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Hi everyone!

This Thursday, October 6th marks the two-year anniversary of Boba Fett Builders! We officially launched the site publicly on October 6, 2020. As such, we have earned our second killstripe and updated our logo!


I am very proud of this community and am happy to have you all here. I consider many of you my close friends and am proud of the community we are building together. I hope that you feel valued, connected to the group and supported by this community.

As of this post, we are also at 493 members!

2022 Shout-Outs

I would like to take a moment to thank a few folks that have dedicated much of their time to helping the forum succeed this past year.

Ryan (@rubio95) as always has been an avid supporter of our community guidelines, site building and one of the members that initially helped come up with our vision for BFB. He is also responsible for the concept that became our logo! Additionally, he puts in a ton of time behind the scenes helping vendors perfect their offerings to the community and studying the history surrounding Boba Fett and the painting of the original costumes. He recently met with Mario Maala (painter of the PP2, RotJ and touring costumes).

Andy (@intwenothor) has continued to be been a great help and trusted moderator. He has a wealth of knowledge, resources and a commitment to building a great community. He is also adept at finding rare items (more info on this to come soon). He provides sound counsel on decisions and has been a great friend.

Luis (@Minute) is new to this board in 2022, but has been a member of the greater Fett community for years. He continues to explore and push the boundaries in pursuit of providing incredibly accurate reproductions of many costume pieces. If you haven't already, check out his recent thread regarding his new armor, which is currently the closest reproduction of the original armor that we have available to us and has roots to several lineage pieces. He also did a run of metal ears and hollow gauntlet rockets exclusively on BFB for the insanely low prices of $100 and $120 earlier this year.

Eric (@Ord Mantell) has continued to lead the way in pushing the limits of Boba Fett costume recreation *and* documentation for all of us to learn from in his multiple build threads (PP2, ESB). I said last year that Eric "was the MVP for 2021" and I think he's earned it again as the "MVB (Most Valuable Builder) for 2022." He also recently met with Mario Maala (painter of the PP2, RotJ and touring costumes) and has begun to employ some newly discovered painting techniques.

Levi (@RafalFett) has also provided moderation to the site and continued to create reference and resource materials for the community at large. His contributions have improved all of our builds and continue to push the Boba Fett community forward with some of the highest levels of accuracy in prop reproduction and replication. If you haven't already, check out his Ultra Stencils for the ESB Hero Helmet.

Some other folks that I would like to recognize and thank for their participation are @miggs fett, @KaanE, @ShortFuse, @Jojofett95, @DWoelf, @sutt_hero_rotj and @Spicy fett. You all are also among the Top 10 contributors! Thank you for spending your time here and for contributing!

BFB Heroes

By mid-September, many of you decided to support this community by helping to raise over $600 to cover the operating costs for year three. These members have been given the user title of “BFB Hero” as a token of my appreciation for their support of this community.

The 2022 Boba Fett Heroes are:
@Tim Lucas
@Spicy fett
Rene Ligon (sorry, don't know your username!!)
@miggs fett
@Ord Mantell

Year Three

As we begin to roll into our third year on the forum, I am excited to see the progress being made by each of you as you continue to improve your builds - I'm personally very excited for my new MinuteMade ESB amor kit to arrive. There will also be information shared in the near future regarding a couple more found parts that have been discovered and maybe even some more details regarding the prep and paint work on some of the original costumes. I will be putting together more merch in the coming year, which will include an updated t-shirt, hats, stickers and sweatshirts!

It is my hope that you will continue to find time to invest in this community of friends and in researching/studying the Boba Fett costumes and history.

Once again, thank you everyone for being here and helping to build this community.



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