BFB 1 Year Anniversary! (Launched 10/06/20)


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Hi everyone!

It is hard to believe it, but today marks the one-year anniversary of Boba Fett Builders! We officially launched the site publicly on October 6, 2020. As such, we have earned one killstripe for our logo (and adjusted the background green to a better color)!


I am very proud of this community and am happy to have you all here. I hope that you feel valued, connected to the group and supported by this community. I can say that I do and enjoy spending time here with you all. So again, thank you!

2021 Shout Outs

I would like to take a moment to thank a few folks that have dedicated much of their time to helping the forum succeed this past year.

Ryan (@rubio95) has been a solid sounding board for community guidelines, site building and one of the members that initially helped come up with our vision for BFB. He isn’t on the boards as much as he could be, but he helps a ton behind the scenes and I greatly appreciate that.

Andy (@intwenothor) has been a great help and trusted moderator. He has a wealth of knowledge, resources and a commitment to building a great community. He helped me early on and hasn’t stopped since. Thank you Andy!

Eric (@Ord Mantell) has dedicated himself to the intense study of many components of the Boba Fett costume, making several observations and discoveries not formerly known. You might even say he was the "MVP for 2021". Please check out his build and discovery threads (helmet chin straps and electronics).

Levi (@RafalFett) has provided feedback, insight, knowledge and resources to the community that are greatly appreciated and unmatched. He is a true historian and always has a great attitude.

Dana (@ConvergenceProps) for his in-depth research and assistance with the Elstree Precision gauntlet lasers, as well as the paint guides he put together for everyone and his work on the ESB EE-3 variations!

Some other folks that I would like to recognize and thank for their participation are Carlos (@KaanE), Jowell (@Jojofett95), Elliot (@Funkyred), Grant (@famousfett), Miguel (@miggs fett) and Nick (@Darth Niob). You all are also among the Top 10 contributors! Thank you for spending your time here and for contributing!

BFB Heroes

Last month, many of you decided to support this community by helping to raise over $500 to cover the operating costs for year two. These members have been given the user title of “BFB Hero” as a token of my appreciation for their support of this community.

The 2021 Boba Fett Heroes are:
@Tim Lucas
@Ord Mantell

Year Two

As we begin to roll into our second year on the forum, I want to assure you that there are some great things in the works. I plan on wrapping up The Unofficial History of the Boba Fett Costumes book by early November (which has dozens of previously unseen photos), several folks are working hard on researching found parts and making new discoveries, and other projects are in the works that will be revealed over the course of this next year that will have many of you stoked. We will also be doing a run of swag in the near future (hats, shirts, etc) so that we have gear to wear to Star Wars Celebration 2022.

It is my hope that you will continue to find time to invest in this community of friends and in researching/studying the Boba Fett costumes and history.

Once again, thank you everyone for being here and helping to build this community.





Having spotted the Stipe in the Logo, I now know the reason and its a great one! Thank you Steven for this here forum and for providing an open place for all of us to enjoy. I like being on here, too :)

Also: Daaaang. I missed the Top 10 contributors by a couple of slots. Oh well.^^