Best alternative for floquil silver?


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Hello all!

I was wondering what you guys use when floquil is unfortunately unavailable ( 50 euro with shipping to germany is crazy).
I was using ts30 before but read a lot of tamiya x11 and humrol 11.
What do you think is the closest?

Thanks in advance,

Honestly, I've found that about any silver will do the trick. I personally have been using The Army Painter's Plate mail metal because it comes in a rattle can as a color primer and works really well as a base. It's a deeper, rawer metallic than a chrome silver, which I like for my base coat. I say this specifically for Boba Fett pieces and parts because I end up dusting up the helmet or armor with weathering mists after I've exposed the masked silver. I've not done a Mando or Jango so if you're looking for that level of shine and gloss, I can't speak to that.
Humbrol 11 was what I used in the past. I think it’s better out of a rattle can than it is shot from an airbrush though. It’s very dull from an airbrush in my experience.

I think @Blaidon used the Tamiya X11 and it looks good.

Archive-X teased their bright silver about a year ago. I use Floquil and PollyScale bright silver in the mean time.

Vallejo silver was also very matte.




Vallejo Silver

Floquil Bright Silver