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Hi everyone,

Let's start talking about the newly released and highly anticipated acrylic line by Archive-X.

I just finished making swatch cards of all the colors I've purchased from them so far. Going to be doing some comparisons to other swatches and colors that have been used on the ESB helmet soon.

Here's what I got:


And here they are on swatch cards:




Let me know what you think so far!

- Steven


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Here is what currently comes in their "ESB Fett Helmet Acrylic Set"

Archive-X Acrylic ESB Fett


Matched to the original helmet this set contains 1 bottle of each of these 15 colours.The new Acrylic ESB Fett Helmet set is made up of 3 mini sets that can now be bought separately as well


3, F1, F2 each contains five colours


1975 D&H Caboose red (Cheek and Mix with Engine black for cheek Maroon colour)
Light Earth (ear and stains )
1975 Dark Green ( mix with Engine black for rear dark Green panels)
1975 Light Green (mix with Sp Lark DK Grey for the dome and cheeks)
1975 Engine black
1975 SP Lark Dark Grey (main grey )
1975 SP Armour Yellow (kill stripes)
Dark Grime (Rear)
1975 Reefer White
1975 Rust ( splats and stains & possibly used to darken Kill stripes )
1975 SP Lettering Grey
1975 Mud (splats and stains )
SP Scarlet ( possibly used to darken Kill stripes ) We think this colour is more likely than Reefer Orange
1975 SP Lark Light Grey (a possible for mixing with Light Green to get the Dome colour ) Also used for weathering
1975 Roof Brown (also now believed to be possibly used for weathering and stains , splatting )

Other colours recommended but not included in the set are
1975 Weathered Black
Light Reefer Grey
1975 Reefer Orange

Other colours known or potentially used on Fett ROTJ and ESB Fett Armour can be bought separately:
1975 Foundation
1975 Coach Green


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Individual Fett Sets are available as follows:

Archive-X S1 Fett A

New to Archive-X is mini sets, this is a way of purchasing sets for multiple subjects without purchasing every full set
Set 3
Used for Slave 1, ESB Fett, A-wing
AX-020 1975 Rust
AX-011 1975 Engine Black
AX-008 1975 SP Lark Dark Grey
AX-001 1975 Reefer White Base
AX-003 Dark Grime


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Alright, so I started doing a comparison of the swatch cards I've finished so far.

Assess vintage Floquil paints sprayed in 2021 compared to vintage Floquil paint swatch chips from 1975.
Assess Archive-X acrylics sprayed in 2021 compared to vintage Floquil paint swatch chips from 1975.

Obviously the vintage paints can vary jar to jar... so this is not going to represent every single jar of vintage paint out there. It merely represents the paint that I have on hand.

1975 Floquil RR paint chip card
Vintage Floquil Paint (similar/matching the ones in ANH/ESB behind the scenes photos)

Paint white swatch cards with each paint.
Archive-X acrylic paint with Archive-X acrylic paint thinner.
Vintage Floquil Paint with Testors enamel paint thinner.
Compare with the vintage paint chips from 1975.

Here's what I've got done so far:

Light Green:
Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-Light-Green-1 copy.jpg

Caboose Red:
Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-Caboose-Red copy.jpg

Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-Concrete copy.jpg

Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-Earth copy.jpg

Engine Black:
Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-Engine-Black copy.jpg

SP Lark Dark Grey:
Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-SPLDG 1 copy.jpg

Reefer Orange:
Floquil-1975-Chips-Comparison-Reefer-Orange copy.jpg
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For the swatches I order blank playing deck cards with a matte finish. Then I put them into card sleeve binder pages and organize them by brand and colors. I really like the library that I’m creating!




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This is interesting!
When you are comparing the floquil paints are you comparing with like for like product codes, or are any of them substituted with different versions, e.g. are you comparing RR20 chips with RR20 vintage paint sprayed in 2021, or have any 110020 paints been used if RR20 could not be found, and so on?