Anyone done (or doing) an Arena Boba Fett (all black)? Looking for the Axe

I'm thinking of doing the all black arena Fett from War of the Bounty Hunters as my 8th (and I swear, final) Life Size Fett for my basement and have all of the pieces and parts already on hand except a jetpack, braids and girth belt. All pretty easy to come by and totaling a few hundred bucks. The one thing I can't find is the double bladed axe weapon. Anyone know of someplace to get a 3D printed version of it?

Alright, I think I found a solution for the axe that'll be "close enough". My next question is whether anyone has successfully dyed a tackle twill vest black. I'm hoping to repurpose most of my old ROTJ armor and vest and going to try to dye it with the RIT dye more graphite. if that doesn't work to my satisfaction, I might lightly airbrush it with acrylic black paint. I was surprised how well the half shelter for my ESB cape took the acrylic paint so might be an option. Anyway, if anyone has dyed something like this, let me know your thoughts.
I have tried dying my older tacket twill vest, and unfortunately, had absolutely zero luck!!! That stuff is very stubborn! I tried it in the washing machine though, so maybe you'd have more luck if you did it on the stove top method with very hot water???? Also I used the older Rit powder packets. The other day at hobby lobby I noticed they have some liquid dye bottles that are supposed to be for synthetic fabrics... maybe that would work better?????? I think you're gonna have trouble dying it though....☹️
The ones for synthetic will dye the crappy tackle twill stuff but you have to do it on the stove and it will probably take a few washes until you are happy with the results especially going all black!
I will say this is a build I would be very excited to see!!
Just getting started. My wife has not yet put together the arrival of a Paterson squeegee and chemical stir, a riders girth belt, and a chest LED display from Fettronics while I was out of town last week with what is coming. In her defense, she didn't open the girth belt or chest LED and I doubt knows what I'm about to do with the Paterson stuff.

I'm definitely using the Hot Toy as inspiration but I'm also likely going to do some interpretation of my own like I did with my Holiday Special Fett. I'll create a build thread for this once I officially get started.