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Hi everyone,

With the release of the new lineage based armor from @Minute, I wanted to get this information out to everyone looking to improve the accuracy of their armor.

Over the course of writing The Unofficial History of Boba Fett's Costumes, I was able to see several photos of various pieces of the costumes. One of the things I found very interesting was the backside of the abdominal plate.

For years, we've known that there were speakers behind the abdominal plate and we even at times assumed that may be why the three holes were there. Well, there are actually two speakers on the abdominal plate, but that's not what is behind the three holes.

Many of us saw something shinny behind the three holes in the abdominal armor, but didn't know exactly what it was. After several people looked at some of the photos, it was identified as a dental mirror which has a handle that has been trimmed and bent to fit the area. It is positioned and secured with white strips of styrene and glued in place. There are several dental mirrors on eBay. Vintage sizes might have been the #3 or #4 in my opinion. There are also contemporary options.

Here is a graphic to show you what it should look like:


On the last set of armor I painted, I installed one:


Happy hunting!

- Steven
I’m merely the one posting about it to share. Several folks discovered this before I got to see it. i saw a couple. One is blank. One has some words that I’m still trying to figure out before I share lol
Do you have any reference to show the effect? I hadn't noticed the shine from the those holes before. I believe it, I'm just really curious to see it.
Agreed @miggs fett I could be wrong but to me it looks like the holes were filled in on the ROTJ ab plates to just look like dents (eg hero plate on the MOM display)
The mirror would've been far more obvious in ROTJ with all that sunlight if it were still used that's for sure.
I imagine it would be blinding the film crew lol an interesting tactic for Fett :LOL:

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