1. RafalFett

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultra Stencils

    Five months in the making and now I can call these done. let me know if you see some errors or misplaced scratches. There are color variations on most areas, mostly because one of the main colors was painted over an existing color (some of these are touch-ups to hide or tone down the silver...
  2. A

    Book of Boba Fett - Boba

    Hello everyone! I am looking to start my Book of Boba - Boba build, I am hoping to get 501st approved. I know it will be a long and expensive journey, but I know it will be worth it in the end. I am looking for guidance on reliable/trustworthy creators in the craft that could get pretty damn...
  3. RafalFett

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultimate Stencils

    The time have come to post my updated stencils. These were modified and updated to fit the 2nd gen helmets, but will work with gen 3, 4 and/or 5. The files are now fully vectorized, but sadly are not perfect, because I don't have the time and patience to redraw the stencils. Most of the major...
  4. JoeVader

    ESB My ESB Boba Fett helmet paint job

    Hello guys! After building Vader, I took the leap to work on painting the helmet of the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. Aiming for a detailed paint job, but not exhaustingly accurate. I'm happy to share my progress with you. I feel most comfortable with spray cans, also, I'm gonna...
  5. famousfett

    Possible ROTJ Mandibles and Gauntlets Red

    Greetings everyone! As the name of the thread says, I believe I have possibly discovered the red used for the ROTJ helmet and possibly the gauntlets as well. I was looking on eBay early last week and discovered this Floquil color just called “red” I have never seen nor heard this color. I...
  6. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-1.jpg


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  8. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-Angle-Left-1.jpg


  9. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-Angle-Left-2.jpg


  10. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-Angle-Left-3.jpg


  11. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Left-1.jpg


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  13. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Left-3.jpg


  14. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-3.jpg


  15. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Back-Left-1.jpg


  16. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-Left-1.jpg


  17. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-Left-2.jpg


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  20. Boba-Fett-ESB-Helmet-Front-4.jpg