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  1. boba87fett

    Piezoelectric Charge Source - Whipcord Housing

    Earlier today, JimmyC from The Dented Helmet posted up that he had identified the found part for the whipcord housing on the right gauntlet (minus the RotJ gauntlets). His thread can be found here. The Parts of Star Wars on Facebook summed up the discovery with their composite image: And...
  2. boba87fett

    The Mandalorian Season 2 Chapter 15: Boba Fett Found Parts

    Hi everyone, I wanted to start a thread to list out the known "found parts" for Boba Fett from The Mandalorian Season 2 Chapter 15. We can also use this thread to discuss and find more. Helmet Base: Legacy Return of the Jedi Bust Boots: NORTIV 8 Men's Insulated Waterproof Boots Model...
  3. boba87fett

    Din Djarin The Mandalorian Costume Found Parts

    Hi everyone, The Parts of Star Wars has done a great job identifying several of the components used on the Din Djarin costume. This thread will be dedicated to the found parts used on his costume. For more info check out their Facebook page. Please add more and I will update this first post...
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