1. RafalFett

    Boba Fett ESB Helmet Ultra Stencils

    Five months in the making and now I can call these done. let me know if you see some errors or misplaced scratches. There are color variations on most areas, mostly because one of the main colors was painted over an existing color (some of these are touch-ups to hide or tone down the silver...
  2. RafalFett

    Dressing a Bounty Hunter in 40 Stages - A Black and White Story

    I always liked the various dressing stages of the Supertrooper and the Pre-Pro #1 suits found in the TDH Gallery (the Promo #1 armor and vest was added in lack of other sources). So I said, it's time to do a silent step by step 'documentation' (because images worth more than 1000 words) with the...