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    Dallas FanExpo Pics

    Here's the link to the pics. I wore my ROTJ Fett as seen in the pics. Super busy place, took a bunch of pics with people. As far as I could tell, I was the only Boba Fett there for the last 2 days!!

    ROTJ Knee Armor

    ROTJ Hero - This is the second go around with the knee armor. The first paint job was way to orange colored, the second is seen here...New photo by Don Hoover Let me know what you guys think!!

    Season 2 Mandalorian Armor

    So, I've started on the armor pieces for the Season 2 Mandalorian. So far I've got most of the pieces finished except the gauntlets and the left thigh piece. I took the pics outside with the sun almost down. All of the pieces are the same color, they just look different due to the light angles...